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Covert Tungsten Chod Beads 12pk




Covert Tungsten Chod Beads 12pk.

These beads have a soft rubbery texture offer just the right amount of grip to hold in position on the line or leader, so there’s no need to use a section of 0.5mm silicone to act as a ‘stop’.

The Chod Bead can simply be slid to the position you want, allowing you to compensate for the nature of the lake bed or any weed present.

The tapered profile of the bore ensures that the bead will pass cleanly over any leader knots, ensuring that heli-rigs constructed with this bead allows the hook link to pull off, in the event of a cut-off.

They improve consistent presentation in several ways. For instance, by using these as stop beads above a Chod Rig you can easily balance the end tackle so the rig settles gently over the spot and create improved hooking potential by using a couple set a short distance apart (instead of the traditional running chod).

The High Bore version can also be threaded onto the Chod hook section itself, then pushed down over the swivel (or Kwik Lok) as a replacement for tungsten putty. A particularly useful feature if the water you are fishing contains Crays.


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Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 cm

High Bore, Low Bore, Heavy


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