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Gardner Tackle Mini Ultrapult


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Gardner Tackle Mini Ultrapult.

The key features of an anti-twist elastic attachment at the frame and extremely high-quality latex elastic means, that in practice, the ‘Mini UltraPult’ catapults enable you to maintain accuracy. 

The ‘Mini UltraPult’ catapult features a compact frame, that is 12cm across, with a very comfortable and reasonably sized handgrip, and comes with a medium-sized pouch (Boilie).

The Mini UltraPult is supplied with high quality, medium gauge US ‘surgical’ elastics.

These high-grade elastics and replacement pouches are available separately, allowing you to keep your ‘Mini UltraPult’ in tip-top condition.

The ‘Mini UltraPult’ catapults feature:

  • Anti-twist fittings help to avoid tangled/twisted elastics, in-turn maintaining the elastics’ optimum condition.
  • Strong, reinforced moulded frame that is both rigid and lightweight.
  • Comfortably sized, sculptured handgrip with anti-slip finish.

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